Busy old year

19 May

We’ve had some great gigs already this year and now the festival season is about to get underway! We’ve got another little Devon tour lined up in June along with many of our other favourite gigs at The Old Duke, The Ship and the rest! There’s even talk of a bit of European travel at some point. Look out world, we’re coming for you!

We’ve updated the clips on our Listen page and are adding new dates to our Gigs page all the time.

Wurzle Dubz 2015

10 May

Hey folks, this should be fun and will kick off our festival season this year…
Wurzle Dubz 2015

Live with Martin Roberts on New Year’s day

1 Jan

We had the pleasure of sitting in for an hour with Martin Roberts (of Homes under the hammer fame) at BBC Radio Bristol.

We found ourselves remarkably sober (with the exception of Chris, who’d been ‘working’ hard the night before). It was great fun and such a great way to start the new year.

Everyone smile - NOW!

Please do have a listen if you missed it live – here’s the edited session, every note and loud in-breath, only the weather report has been removed to protect the innocent. Listen NOW

2014 – Oh, What a lovely year

19 Dec

Thanks one and all for a fantastic year of gigging and giggling. We’ve laughed more than a pissed up clown on nitrous oxide getting a massage from Mr. Tickle.

We’ve already got nine gigs confirmed for next year, including some great festivals, with many more in the pipeline. Our newest member of the band, Nick has been through his initiation and whilst he’s still finding it hard to sit down, he usually plays standing up so it won’t affect his ability to entertain you.


Once again, thanks for coming along, heckling, bobbing about with your thumbs in your jeans and generally being the silly, lovely people you all are.

Slapface and the Hoagies Go Large – 7 men, 1 gig

6 Jul

So far I, Chris, Tim and Clive have managed to keep up with demand from our hordes of adoring pensioners for signed body parts . However, after our recent sell out show at Iron Acton it’s become clear that if we’re going to satisfy the whole of Keynsham this Sunday, we’re going to need a bigger band.

With this in mind Tim and Chris set about scouring their little black books for old acquaintances meeting the following criteria:

  • Alive
  • Available
  • Able
  • Willing

Interestingly it’s the same criteria they’d always applied so results were quickly achieved. I’m very pleased to announced that at 5PM today we will be joined by the incredible talents of Mick Ray on squeezebox, Charlie Rose on fiddle and Nick Cocking on mandolin. Each of these guys brings something special to the table so we know it’s going to be an absolute barnstormer!

Charlie Rose

Probably Charlie Rose

Nick Cocking

Probably Nick Cocking

Mighty Accordion Band

Possibly not Mick Ray


Long time no blog

7 May

Sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve blogged anything. We’ve had some lovely gigs recently including a real barnstormer at The Blue Lagoon. We’ve got a pretty full calendar running right through the year, but we are still looking forward to adding a few more dates – keep up with the Gigs page so you don’t miss anything. We’ve got some new songs in the pipeline and ditching some that we’ve got bored of – so it’s all go!

slapface gig race you

Don’t forget our gig tonight at The Old Duke, Bristol’s premiere pub for music and madness, even on a Wednesday!

A little piece of Heaven in Devon

10 Dec

We mounted our trusty steeds (OK, two Audi’s and a Mini) and loped down the M5 into the beautiful hills and farmland just outside of Crediton, Devon. From there we were deployed with military precision to three of Devon’s most happening hotspots. These aren’t just pubs full of ex-farmers and exiled Welshmen (not to say there weren’t any), they are fantastic venues for us to peddle our particular brand of oral tomfoolery and musical whimsy.

We were made to feel very welcome by some of Devon’s finest pub punters. These guys and galls were up and heel-to-toeing after we’d dropped the first note, right to the very end. Even the Sunday afternoon crew were prepared to whoop and holler after one of our trademark ‘happy endings’ came spewing forth from the band’s well-oiled instruments.

Never one (two?) to miss an opportunity to improve our brand, Chris and Tim picked up some stylish ‘deerstalker’ hats on a pre-tour shopping bonanza. Needless to say these proved very popular with some of the old dears in Devon.

Devon Deerstalkers

Deerstalkers set to stun

Once again, thank you DEVON!


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