All aboard the Soulfood Train

25 Oct

So we told you all about the gig we were doing for the amazing charity, Foodcycle (Bath hub), and man what a night it was! With five other acts vying for the attentions of an increasingly bloated and gin-soaked audience we knew it was gonna be tough. As it was we lucked out with a great slot and a function room jam-packed with a great crowd and enough free iced gin tea to bring any slapper to their knees.

Ripping it up, sipping it up, zipping it up – walking home

It’s always to hear positive feedback and this gig certainly gave us that!

Dear Dan and all the Slappers!
Thanks so much for coming to play at SoulFood. You (and all your guests!) were the life and soul of the party 🙂
Without your kind support we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the amazing amount we raised on the night, as you know £918.30! This money will support our hub through the year helping us to buy staples for our community meals, purchase kitchen equipment, hair-nets and aprons, as well as producing materials to attract needy people to the service and recruit volunteers. 
With all the good will and support of people in the Bath and Bristol area we believe we can grow into a really diverse project redirecting huge amounts of surplus food, feeding and upskilling more and more people and getting the community involved in every aspect of our work.
Please keep an eye out for us, I’ll be following you guys on Facebook.
Best wishes to all the band and friends and family,

Please do take the time to check out Foodcycle, go to one of their gigs or at the very least follow them on Facebook and say ‘hi’!


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