Golden Lion vs. The Fiddlers

8 Jan

We’ve been extremely remiss in not writing up any of our recent gigs and activities, so I’ll summarise here.

We had the spiffingest time playing at the Golden Lion. Folks were up and dancing from Chris’s first well-aimed smack on the snare drum to the very last flurry of magic ‘jazz’ notes from Clive’s flaming guitar. We are certain the strong liquor and legal highs the locals had been consuming during the six hours leading up to our playing had nothing to do with their enthusiasm and exuberance.

A few weeks later we went south of the river to a little place they call Fiddlers. Bedminster welcomed us with open arms and we had a rockin’ good time supporting the 8 piece all girl Bristol band, Meet Your Feet. Due to poorly timed meals that day had it not been for take-out pizza Chris and Tim would surely have eaten the audience. As it was one of them bit Clive. Predictably petulant, neither are owning up to it and given that Clive is no longer critical we’ve agreed not to mention it again.

Oh, and of course, Happy New Year to all you slappers out there!


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