Devon Bound Train – aka The Slappers’ Virgin Tour

13 Jan

Like all active slappers, we’ve gone viral… The doctor says it should clean up if we keep applying the cream. BOOM!

Now we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to formally announce what the local media has creatively labelled ‘The Slappers’ Virgin Tour’. This awe-inspiring, whimsical and yet disappointingly prosaic moniker (no, we’re not referring to one of Clive’s many estranged lovers) just about says it all so we won’t try to come up with anything cleverer.

This particular ‘Tour de Farce’ is taking place during the first weekend of February (year of our Lord 2013) in the Sunny and warm environs of Devon. Why Devon? I imagine I hear you saying if I could hear you from your house… well, because we had a list of places where Tim felt we could realistically break into the music scene and Devon came up with a shorter journey time than both America and Japan on google maps. Fuel prices being what they are, there was no argument and within minutes a private Learjet was chartered to King’s Nympton (the landing strip at Heanton Punchardon being out of service due to turf repairs). The rest, as they say, will be History once it’s happened. For anyone looking to charter a cheap flight, we found the prices at Buddy Holly Airlines to be by far the cheapest. Just a little tip there from us.

All details regarding times and places will be kept up to date on the Gigs page.

Really keen fans will recognise that the title of this post features a clever play on words, exchanging the word ‘Heaven’ for ‘Devon’ –  ‘Heaven Bound Train’ being a staple of the Slapface repertoire.


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