ShipFest 2013 a go-go

1 Jun

Well, the inaugural ShipFest went off like Russia in a space race! Fantastic organisation by Slapface’s very own ‘Ant & Dec’ aka Chris and Tim ensured that every band went on stage on time and left on time without stealing the microphones or being sick behind a speaker.

There’s very little one can say about the things that happen when Chris and Tim get together, or at least Ant and Decvery little you can say in front of children. Sufficed to say both are following the current Lords’ debate on marriage law reforms more closely than a white van man up the back of learner driver.

We had a ball as always and must give special thanks to Rich Weymouth for his excellent booze and even better boozer! It’s safe to say the organisers smashed this one. We should also thank Rich for giving us some awesome ‘ShipFest’ ties. I know that Tim has been wearing his ever since and Clive’s trousers have been rooted firmly just below his nipple-line, without so much as a slip, since the discovery that his could also be used as a belt.

You can see some more great photos of the day (and the other excellent bands) on the ShipFest 2013 facebook page.

ho down



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