New thongs

18 Sep

Yeth, that’th right. Sorry, yes, that’s right. We’re going into the rehearsal rooms to add a few more bluegrass bullets to our arsenal. Which is actually a good thing because the lead up to Christmas is starting to pick up. I know, it hardly seemed a long banjo solo ago that we were playing to you sun kissed beauties and the temperature was hotter than a MacDonald’s apple pie, but that’s the way the seasons go. Before you know it, we’ll be freezing our dangly bits off and – if there’s no Slapface gig of a Saturday –  we’ll be settling down to watch Strictly with the fire on and a glass of something in each hand.



Anyway, all the upcoming dates are on the ‘gigs’ page and we’re waiting to confirm a few more too. Recently, we all did a little bit of excitement wee because we finalised our mini tour which is coming up in Devon in early December. We did it last year and it’s a carbon copy of that one, but hopefully without the horrible incident with Dan and a rather amorous farmer, but the least said about that the better. They’re three great pubs. The Kings Arms Inn in Tedburn St.Mary, The Lamb Inn in Sandford and finally, The Thirsty Farmer in Whimple. So, for you die hard fans, if you’re both free, why don’t you both come down and make a weekend of it? Dan will buy you a drink if you come and join us.

Now, be off with you. Run off and put some Slap dates in your calendars. Toot, toot!



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