A little piece of Heaven in Devon

10 Dec

We mounted our trusty steeds (OK, two Audi’s and a Mini) and loped down the M5 into the beautiful hills and farmland just outside of Crediton, Devon. From there we were deployed with military precision to three of Devon’s most happening hotspots. These aren’t just pubs full of ex-farmers and exiled Welshmen (not to say there weren’t any), they are fantastic venues for us to peddle our particular brand of oral tomfoolery and musical whimsy.

We were made to feel very welcome by some of Devon’s finest pub punters. These guys and galls were up and heel-to-toeing after we’d dropped the first note, right to the very end. Even the Sunday afternoon crew were prepared to whoop and holler after one of our trademark ‘happy endings’ came spewing forth from the band’s well-oiled instruments.

Never one (two?) to miss an opportunity to improve our brand, Chris and Tim picked up some stylish ‘deerstalker’ hats on a pre-tour shopping bonanza. Needless to say these proved very popular with some of the old dears in Devon.

Devon Deerstalkers

Deerstalkers set to stun

Once again, thank you DEVON!


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