Slapface and the Hoagies Go Large – 7 men, 1 gig

6 Jul

So far I, Chris, Tim and Clive have managed to keep up with demand from our hordes of adoring pensioners for signed body parts . However, after our recent sell out show at Iron Acton it’s become clear that if we’re going to satisfy the whole of Keynsham this Sunday, we’re going to need a bigger band.

With this in mind Tim and Chris set about scouring their little black books for old acquaintances meeting the following criteria:

  • Alive
  • Available
  • Able
  • Willing

Interestingly it’s the same criteria they’d always applied so results were quickly achieved. I’m very pleased to announced that at 5PM today we will be joined by the incredible talents of Mick Ray on squeezebox, Charlie Rose on fiddle and Nick Cocking on mandolin. Each of these guys brings something special to the table so we know it’s going to be an absolute barnstormer!

Charlie Rose

Probably Charlie Rose

Nick Cocking

Probably Nick Cocking

Mighty Accordion Band

Possibly not Mick Ray



2 Responses to “Slapface and the Hoagies Go Large – 7 men, 1 gig”

  1. Lawson July 7, 2014 at 9:08 am #

    Thoroughly enjoyable gig at Keynsham.
    Thank you for the music!!!

  2. N DOLAN July 9, 2014 at 10:10 pm #

    So are you going to let me know how big it will be on the day and who will be making it the size that it is (names) and whether you will be bringing any ‘fluffers’ (names) who may want access on the back of your swelling infamy? x


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