Chris Bennett

After retiring from the RAF in 1976 (his original plan to join the RAC taught him if nothing else, the value of a good optician), Chris embarked on what was to become a journey of self-discovery, spanning many hours and several hundreds of miles. After arriving in Chester (right on the border between there and Wrexham in fact) he was promptly and quite vehemently encouraged to take his brand of entertainment ‘someplace else’ by almost everyone he met.

He thought long and hard whilst waiting in A&E and it seemed logical to interpret his recent experience as a sign that he should ‘educate’ the indigenous folk of Botswana – in the days when ‘spread the love’ actually meant something. It was there that he founded the Limpopo String Ensemble which is, to this day, still gigging regularly. As with all things on this earth, his reign as ‘Big White Prince’ had to come to an end.

As his friends will happily tell you, ‘Chris who?’


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