Dan Ashby

Dan was given a banjo by his native American parents at the age of 12 and told to leave home – the rest is history.

He was shortly afterwards accused of making up the most dreadful rubbish about his jolly nice lower-middle class parents and sent back home to the tough streets of Bath.

Known as the handsome, young one in Slapface and the Hoagies (boasting the second longest inside leg measurement of the group), Dan ‘Fingers’ Ashby can often be spotted on his front porch swing, rocking back and forth, picking a banjo or thumbing his guitar whilst whistling at the passing traffic or just ‘shooting the breeze’ with his homies in the Bedminster area (the author has no idea what this means).

6′ tall, sub 60 year old Banjo pickers from Bristol aren’t exactly in abundance so count yourself lucky if you manage to spot this one in the wild. Yee-Haw!!!…..


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